Drone Photo/Video - Linda McManus

I have partnered with the best of the business to offer my clients drone services. Rotor Multimedia was created to provide creative, cost-effective aerial drone solutions for businesses and individuals in the Philadelphia, PA region. Their pilots are passionate photographers, travelers and storytellers. As one of the first companies to bring modern drone technologies to the Philadelphia real estate & inspection markets, we are united by our mission to fly safely while creating beautiful photographs and breath-taking video for our clients.

Feel free to contact me or Rand Bradbury at Rotor Multimedia direct to review pricing packages. We've come up with drone photo/video and interior stills package, to cover all your properties advertising needs. Rotor Multimedia and I have already partnered to capture everything from small real estate listings to larger urban development projects, video example below.  We look forward hearing from you about your needs! 

The Calzi House

Aerial Photography

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